Saturday, January 10, 2009

You Have to Burn the Rope

You have to burn the rope is a FREE online game.
I just tried to play it , and so far I have not been able to burn the rope.

What you have to do is walk thru this tunel, grab a match & carry it to a rope set it on fire , would you like to give it a try
Click here: You Have to Burn The Rope! But before you play, watch the video

Here is what people are saying about YHTBTR.

You have to burn a rope" [sic] is seriously hard, especially the final boss. But I love how the ending credits show screenshots of the most exciting moments. Remembering what incredible feats I had to do during the course of the game made me all teary-eyed... -baba44713

[YHTBTR is] the most amazing, graphically intense game ever produced with the most intriguing story ever made. -ThemePark

ZOMG. How could you not give YHTBTR a full review? It has all the requirements of a great game--drama, comedy, cuteness, fire, a rope--I am taking my blog reading business ELSEWHERE! -joye

YHTBTR is the best game ever, no holds barred. -symar

The ending of YHTBTR is the best I've seen in a game since Portal[.] -mysteriousracoon

After some hours of intense brain concentration, I finally beat YHTBTR. Amazingly fun, escpecially [sic] the credits song. I think I'll just press refresh and start again! -Donut

YHTBTR is the best game ever! I love it! -AF

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